What is the "Google Photos Extension"?

It is an extension for google chrome that adds a button with the words "Save to Google Photos" on the context menu when clicking on an image.
When this button is clicked it uploads that image to the currently signed in google account.
If no one is signed in or you are offline then it will not upload an image.

What will this app do with user data?

The google photos extension uses the scope: “photoslibrary.appendonly”
This means that this app has the ability to upload data to the user's google photo storage.
It will only upload the images where the user selected the "Save to Google Photos" option on the context menu.

How does this app enhance user functionality?

It does this by making it easier to upload images to Google Photos.
Without this app, if you wanted to save an image from chrome and upload it into google photos you would need to download it and then manually upload it.
using this app it takes a single click to do that whole process.

Link to Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy

Describe the content, context, or connection to the app:

The App will be used within chromium browsers, and is unuseable outside of chromium web browsers.